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We’re solving the challenge of sanctions compliance for your business.

Your focus should be on growing a profitable business.  Ours is on keeping it that way.  ZenDetect makes sanctions screening seamless, safe, cost efficient and reliable.

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Activation & monitoring
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Sign up, activate, sit back and relax

Rapidly activate your entire customer database by uploading an activation batch file into ZenDetect.  Voila!  Instant compliance!

ZenDetect continuously monitors your clients against sanction list updates.  Get notified of potential matches as soon as they appear, and review them while ZenDetect keeps a full audit trail of any updates.  Remaining compliant is light work.

Integration & Api


No delays in customer service.

Integrate your existing CRM or line of business system into ZenDetect via our secure, performant rest-like API. 


Add records to a batch and get immediate results, query the status of existing records, or deactivate records that no longer needs to be monitored.

The ZenDetect tenant API is documented to the OpenAPI v3 standard and have SwaggerDocs available.

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Happy auditor, happy business.

We have an audit trail for everything.  Your compliance and the integrity of your data is verified by a third party (namely us).


Want proof of compliance for a single customer?  Generate a certificate for that.  What about a specific version of the sanction list?  No problem: the screening instance certificate has you covered.  How about that potential match you reviewed?  The flag report is the answer.


Unbeatable pricing

A screening service specialised for high volume, low margin products and business models.

ZenDetect keeps your business compliant AND profitable.

Usage based pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use.

The higher the volume of customers you screen, the lower your per transaction fees become.

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Download our pricing estimator

Pay as little as N$1,94 (excl. VAT) per live search and N$0,97 (excl VAT) per person record per month for continuous monitoring.

Download our latest pricing estimator for more information...

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Senior .Net Software Developer

Remote | Windhoek, Namibia

Senior .Net engineer or architect with excellent communication skills required to join our growing product development team.

Namibian citizenship will be advantageous.


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

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